Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vignette / Lightness

There was dainty mirth;
that Eliot would have found
in a nonchalant street musician in Venice.

--- < ! respond >

Restless feet,
ready to fly for a cigarette;

Man by the dinner table on one-
not making the piano request.

the hunched poet on another-
by the stream in the city.

Large liquid eyes-
pained by the rulebook of the world.

Here's what concern says to you:
"Free yourself, young man.
You need to be so much more
than you see or have to be."

 --- < respond >

 In the restaurant by the sea,
 there was no malady.


Letter your doubts
and make paper boats of them during the rains.

--- < ! respond >

Neengadha thendral,
paadadho un idazh?

-- < respond >

Melisaiyil urangavum,
kadal karai-il kanaa kaanavum,
chandiranai purindhukollavum,
ni vendaamo?

--- < respond >


  1. Tamil was slightly difficult. Lovely poem.

  2. >>>The sea: Thank yous. :) Poems, though.
    The second tam one? Not sure I got the grammar right.