Saturday, May 22, 2010

Comfort and a Luxury

Lying down by the window with closed eyes, hands over the tummy, drizzle-filled breeze hitting the face, and earphones playing some healing music makes for such luxury; chorusing with S&G,

I will lay me down,
like a bridge over troubled water.
I will ease your mind.

Throttle me with anything, you world, I'm back and strong with my essence, the radiance and passion of my aspirations and ambitions and the mirth that, sure as heaven, line them. I've had enough of the judgments, and misconstructions. I've had it! Grow up, untie *yourself* and all your carefully guarded and trusted hard and fast emotions and obsessions and then hop on, if you want. No wasting timing over negatives. No killing people. No crossbowing another's. < Progress, man! >

It's called living light and waiting for the pray'r to be resigned. Simple and easy. "Simple and easy," I tell myself.