Friday, April 22, 2011


Deep down, penning my own prose affrights me.


I'm as easy as a mask.


The words and thoughts built, killed and resurrected wait to see light.




  1. What was the last comment?? I don't remember.
    Seems like a long time. long time.

    *Floyd's back to the ears and so are the saturday night projects. 'Meanwhile' the blog still stays* :)

    And btw, I cannot help noticing the theme. Ribbons??

  2. >>>YKW: Hi! Long, long time, indeed. The last one was when you called the changing of the blog's background 'bright,' i guess - a year ago.

    And nice to know. I can barely boast of such. The constant mill. Not a complain, though.

    Ribbons - didn't choose them on purpose. the colours appealed to the eye, and was immediately available for use.

  3. I'm kind of finding it fragmented, even the occasional solid literature. May be I'm missing it. Its hard to follow after almost a year.

    Barely boast, your are one of the editors of a magazine. How is it doing btw??

  4. >>>YKW: Experiments from everyday experiences, that could be fragmented themselves :). A reason for it to be called 'Meanwhile.'

    The magazine is doing good! Being salient about itself. We'll be out with the second issue soon.