Friday, August 26, 2011


I have no idea where the next pit stop is; but, as Floyd auspices, I am not giving up. Not without a fight.

While I let my music player ruminate over a Brian Eno, 
Here we are
Stuck by this river,
You and I
Underneath a sky that's ever falling down, down, down
Ever falling down
Always failing to remember why we came, came, came:
I wonder why we came.
I'm trying hard to not let myself wonder about any of this having been worth it, after all.

Throttle me with anything, you world. I don't want to become or seem like a lie when I am not one, you know? I'm tired of being misconstrued, stomped on and made to seem like a misfit. I know what I can hold on to. I'm positive. Restless, but positive. Homeless, but positive. Incensed, but positive.
Positive is ! an emotional belief. It's a Goddarn conviction. Here's my conviction. And strength. Strength.

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