Saturday, June 20, 2009

A post to be excused

`Runaway soul`_________<_________<__________^
|                                                                          \
The essence of my being lies within the soul,
|                                                                           /
and that is effectuated by this ________>_______

And in effect, I'm at sea, abjectly.

Do these things count for facts, or are they merely experiential?

For me, it still seems abstract. Further dismissing the unreal. Purely to put things in perspective than understand what exactly it is.


In those contradictions and gibberish does time exist for me now. I know not what is to be done. Ha, 'what can be done' is just a proposal; that again has layers and sub-layers.

Fuck this. I don't want to carry forth such mindless abstractions. I've learnt that meta talk needs to be avoided, you know.

Line break.

End of conversation.

< / Head  >

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