Sunday, June 7, 2009

Vertical Farming beckons. Let's say the world takes to it over the next 50 years. We'll benefit, and well, have to buy it.


  • Capital investment is a huge issue even with UF with returns spread over a long period
  • Fossilisation, replenishment of water, soil (natural) preservation, oxygenating of agricultural lands may take a beating.
  • Cities may probably heat-up more, but the homes get to be cooler when you have mini-farms set-up. Apartment and kitchen farming isn't all that new, anyway.
  • Sustainability of a farm is a matter of dropping a bomb over it.
  • Actually, their geographical positioning isn't an issue, just that the local sufficiency of the urban becomes easier.
  • But ex-agro lands of the rural may spin off industrial spaces with all those implications
  • Green cover loss activists will be upto a lot of work, as well as the left/socialists
  • The logistics of traditional farming get centrifuged
  • Desert lands get revived?
  • Grocery prices get customised as much as the growing according to the Food Pyramid?
  • Hydroponics rocks.
  • The ecosystem gets effectively exploited without damage?
  • Infrastructural problems are bound to arise, unlike the traditional
  • Dickson Despommier
  • The farm flowchart is impressive
And, there lies my interest and call.

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  1. i see the dream is well alive. you can do it rams, never sway :)