Friday, July 17, 2009

Feet after feet,
pass the "use me"
they only have time to throw banana skin
and search for a ring they might have lost in it.

Trashcans/Dustbins can never be consistently rich.


Mount Carmel seems to have changed. The girls and women seem less lesbian and more ultra-modern. CommE has a bunch of snots now. Lord.


People just don't sound right when they try defining time. Nano, sociological, biological, metaphysical, pendulum; Blasted folks have other markers for no-time (an off-shoot of classical metaphysics I suppose.)


  1. nice intend.
    how would you define time.

  2. >>>Anon: Who be you?

    Do I have to define it to exist? There're the standards that get fed into your system, anyway.