Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nigh, Nigh Enough

Three weeks and the artist continues to toil. Burning the midnight oil each day in those concrete and glass walls. Wielding analyses, forgetting days and nights. How the heart breaks to see those eyes that have to drudge over inane fodder for his future learning, and role changes, leading its silent revolt against those headonistic managerial and directorial skulls.

He's not meant to be doing any of this (nothing short of the best for him), and will be out soon enough, the dear artist; He ought to. Painting the colours of the world in his head, his every stroke is going to be masterful.

Meanwhile, I will be by the biggest clock in my city, waiting to see the day his world comes alive and then see, through his quaint mirror, the pride and joy in my eyes whilst giving him the bottle of Minute Maid I'd bought for him from a shop by the banyan tree with the strongest roots on Earth.

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