Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Wo, wo, give me the credit that's due, corporate! Excuse me, but I conceptualised the film festival+you! idea much before you gave it a shot, much much before. I did! Oh well, I'll go with altruism and some activities to ward off the wrath  for now.

But let me tell you this: There will be days when you're going to wake up each morning with our ideas. We both will be selling them, at a steep price; and you guys are not going to be able to do without us or our consults, because well, we're way too fast and forward for your thoughts. Ha, we are not going to be lazy with our patent files and defensive publications then.

Oh and, dearies, we're not megalomaniacs before you (monomaniacally) dismiss this for that. It's going to be our time, ours.

Just you wait! We're just kindling the fire.

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