Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rhetoric II: Factiousness

If one were to assess the proactive Vs. reactive pie of one's life or immediate environment, the former is sure to hold just a minuscule portion of the pie.

Don't you see it?
  • You have a valuable (fact) suggestion to make, there are 10,000 people who disagree and bring their own barefooted experience and then you end up responding to each of that (or you don't)
  • You are in a tense situation, and there is at least one person who is there to intimidate and make you seem like a hopeless defensive (or you don't) 
  • You're being assessed for a subject/at work, and then you have one, two or three other heads who decide how to weigh you over the others, if they don't 'feel' you deserve a good score or you're not the ideal fit, you end up having to do all things possible to prove a point (or you don't)
  • If the clients are not happy, you take reactionary measures to straighten things up and can't show them what else you can do (or you don't)
E'en while being proactive, there are so many blocks that you end up being reactive along that way, too!

Can't you break away from the crap that's doled out to you each day? Why, why, is it so hard for someone to try and show others what they can be? What's the idea behind dominating someone or a situation, anyway? Taking the lead is different, but dominating?

I'm no saint, yes, I've unconsciously made these mistakes as the 'thems' I refer to, too - with the same unconscious or unintended insensitivity they are allowed (note - yes, I am being defensive; makes you happy?). But at least my heart bleeds that I slipped from listening to my humane self unlike some others.

Isn't this why there is so much oppression/suppression around - some party thinks they own the stick? Is it something about the way the third planet in the Universe functions or the curse that the human existence is? Urgh.

And then, at the end of it all, you are expected to be mentally strong as what Hercules or some such heroic figure might have been physically or staid.

Okay, if you were thinking that I'm "misrepresenting facts" or being "biased" - well, I am, I admit. It's because I've been wounded and I am reacting to it. Pent up anger. You see what happens - makes people clumsy or rebel, yeah?

I don't know what else to say now. I'm just tired of saying, "There will be time." I'm cynical, finally. 

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