Sunday, October 16, 2011


There's going to be time.

A picnic will be packed.
Montauk will be visited.
Dinner will be had
by the lighthouse.

None will be around.
But starfishes, turtles, pebbles, sand, and shells.

A seashell would be placed
Next to the right ear --
"Are the waves of the sea faster than their sound in the conch?"
Questions not answered,
Stars all over,
J.A.P. with hair parted from the side,
performing poems of poets on the beach.
Surreal and weathered,
A night of wonder.


  1. love the sound of it...imagined it as every word rolled on by!

  2. >>>Babuji: :), that's very kind of you. glad!

    I wish i could make a wish.